This is for you.

I wanted to create this blog for several months, but I have been in an ongoing transitional phase in my life that it got pushed more and more to the bottom of my to-do list. I am finally adjusting, and I believe that it is time to take on this new venture with you all. Before I get into more of the daily blogging, I wanted to write a brief post on why I chose the name Dear Inner Voice and explain what it means to me.

I have been thinking of blog names for months, and I could not come up with one at all. All of the names that I thought would be hits were already taken. As I was sitting in my bed like I do most nights I was talking to myself, and I finally asked God after months of trying to figure it out on my own, I said: “God, what should this blog be called, what do the people need?” I’m not going to lie and say God instantly spoke to me, because he didn’t. I tried another title that I thought was great and WordPress told me that the name already existed, as you can see I am very obedient. Finally, after exhausting my options I closed my eyes, and a sense of peace came over me, and instantly the name “Dear Inner Voice” was put on my heart. I began to think of all the times my inner voice has been silenced by fear, doubt, and pain. Silenced from people that I love, people that I don’t know and even worse, myself. It finally made sense.

Dear Inner Voice is a blog to connect and empathize with the voice within that is often silenced. The voice that wants to be seen, the voice that is tired of being alone and the voice that needs some encouragement. I believe we all have that voice within us. I think that voice is our stories waiting to be heard but more importantly, waiting to be told. My goal is to vocalize the voice within myself and to share my story along with daily battles and victories that I face. I believe that it is time to open up a dialogue where it is safe to be confident with your walk in this life.

If you got this far in my post, thank you for taking the time to read this. Your support is everything. Heres to a new transition in my life, one that I hope inspires and connects with many. I love you all.